Hi and welcome to my blog.

This blog is aimed at helping people automate MapInfo using Mapbasic. I have had over 10 years experience in developing applications and tools in spatial science industry and now wish to share this knowledge.

I will attempt to post as frequently as possible with my learning over the years.

I you have any question or require any help, feel free to post on this site.

Happy coding



  1. James, thanks for the site, I'm always looking for new tools/help with Mapbasic. I hope you post new messages/items frequently.


  2. Hi James. Thanks for this site. It helps a lot in using or creating mapbasic tools.

    Hope you could also help me in creating such tools.



    1. Hi Ivan,

      I am glad that you find Mapbasic Help useful. I am always available to assist, so feel free to use my contact form and I can email you directly from there.

      Also, if you would like to see any topics or mapbasic tasks that you find challenging covered on this site, feel free to request. I am always looking for new topics to cover!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hey James,
    great site - I'm sure it'll be very useful!

    I'm currently having an issue with a fetch/selection problem.
    this code:
    [quote]Fetch last from AIMSunID
    CurID = AIMSunID.Unique_ID[/quote]
    works fine - CurID is an integer, Unique_ID is a float column AIMSunID is a temp table that I've just selected records into

    this code
    [quote]Fetch Rec f FROM modTAB
    ModUID = Unique_ID.ModTab[/quote]
    doesn't work - ModUID is an integer
    ModTab is a variable name for a base table.
    If I change the order tablename.columname I get an unrecognized command and it won't compile

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    Jon Robinson

    1. I think I've sorted it, by adding in a select statement to get a new table.
      Select * FROM ModTab WHERE RowID = f INTO ModTabS
      Fetch First from ModtabS
      ModUID = ModTabS.Unique_ID

    2. Hi Jonathan,

      I am glad you are finding this site useful! If you ever have any questions or are stuck with something, feel free to send me a msg