Thursday, 19 June 2014

MapBasic Progress Bar Example 2: How to step progress bar for multiple tasks

Following on from Example 1, in this example I will demonstrate how I use a progress step sub routine as a way of calling many functions and sub routines to show progress through my mbx. The code uses a case statement to see what step count it is up to. It also demonstrates how to track if the progress bar cancel button was clicked, or if the code was ended prematurely because of user intervention. 

This example enables you to show the progress bar, and set up a sequence of routines / scripts / functions and update the progress bar with a progress percentage when each task is complete.

Include "Mapbasic.def"

Declare Sub Main
Declare Sub

Declare Sub Wait3Seconds
Declare Function ReturnTrue() as Logical

Dim iProgress as Integer
Dim iProgressRange as Integer

Sub Main
   Print Chr$(12)
   Set Window Message Position(1, 1) Width 3 Height 1
   Print "*** Started Progress Bar Example ***"

   iProgress = 1
   iProgressRange = 5

   ProgressBar "Processing...."
      Calling StepProgress
      Range iProgressRange

   If CommandInfo(CMD_INFO_STATUS) then
      If iProgress <= iProgressRange then
         Note "You ended the Progress early because you only got to step " & iProgress
         Note "Progress Bar Example Complete!"
      End If
      Note "You clicked the cancel button on the Progress Bar!"
   End If

End Sub
Sub StepProgress
   Print "Progress is @ step " & iProgress

   Do Case iProgress
      Case 1
         Note "Progress is @ step " & iProgress 'This is just an example process
      Case 2
          Note "Progress is @ step " & iProgress & ". Now going to wait 3 secs!"
          Call Wait3Seconds 'This is just an example process
      Case 3
          Note "Progress is @ step " & iProgress 'This is just an example process
      Case 4
          If NOT ReturnTrue() then 'This is just an example process
             Print "You eneded Progress"
             ProgressBar = -1 'Now the progress bar will stop and hide
             Exit Sub
         End If
      Case 5
         Note "Progress is @ step " & iProgress 'This is just an example process
   End Case

   iProgress = iProgress + 1
   If iProgress <= iProgressRange Then
      ProgressBar = iProgress
      ProgressBar = -1
   End If

End Sub
Sub Wait3Seconds

   Print "Waiting for 3 seconds"

   Dim iCurrentTime, iElapsedTime, iWaitTime as Float

   iCurrentTime = Timer()
   iWaitTime= 3

   Do While iElapsedTime <= iCurrentTime + iWaitTime
      iElapsedTime = Timer()

End Sub
Function ReturnTrue() as Logical

   Dim bResult as Logical
   bResult = Ask("Progress is @ step " & iProgress & ". Do you want the progress bar to Contiue or End?", "Continue", "End")
   Print "Return True = " & bResult
   ReturnTrue = bResult

End Function

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