Thursday 19 June 2014

Mapbasic Progress Bar Example 1: How to step progress bar for each row in a table

The progress bar that is provided within Mapbasic is not very flexible. It is limited to calling sub routines and is designed in a way that it continues to call a the specified sub routine until you end it (ProgressBar = -1). This means you can't parse a variable and you can't just show the progress bar and update it's progress and any point in your code. 

It took me a while to harness it, and this example and Example 2 demonstrates how I use the Mapbasic progress bar in my mbx's. 

In this example I will demonstrate how to iterate through a table fetching each row. I use global variables to track progress and range and I create a selection table that I step through each row and print out the column 1 value. I would suggest you open a table with more than 1000 rows when you run this example mbx.

Include "Mapbasic.def"

Declare Sub Main
Declare Sub

Dim iProgress as Integer
Dim iProgressRange as Integer

Sub Main
   Print Chr$(12)

   Set Window Message Position(1, 1) Width 3 Height 1
   Print "*** Started Progress Bar Example ***"

   If NumTables() < 1 then
      Note "This Progress Bar Example needs a table open to demonstrate"
      Exit Sub
   End If

   Select * from TableInfo(1,TAB_INFO_NAME) Where str$(Col1) <> "" Into Temp
   iProgressRange = TableInfo("Temp",TAB_INFO_NROWS)

   Fetch First From Temp
   iProgress = 1

   ProgressBar "Processing...."
      Calling StepProgress
      Range iProgressRange

   Close Table Temp

   If CommandInfo(CMD_INFO_STATUS) Then
      Note "Progress Bar Example Complete!"
      Note "You clicked the cancel button on the Progress Bar!"
   End If
End Sub
Sub StepProgress

   Print "Row " & iProgress & " Value " & Temp.Col1
   'Do Something here
   'EG: Update Temp Set Col1 = "A New Vaule" Where RowID = iProgress

   iProgress = iProgress + 1
   Fetch Rec iProgress From Temp

   If iProgress <= iProgressRange Then
      ProgressBar = iProgress
      ProgressBar = -1
   End If
End Sub

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